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Stress is good in manageable amounts. If we didn't have stress, we wouldn't work harder to meet deadlines, or rise to a challenge that is meaningful to us.

Unfortunately, stress is higher than ever and it may be impairing your life in ways you are unhappy about. Your stress may come from various areas of your life: work, relationships, school, current events (like COVID-19), financial problems, past trauma, losses, or substance abuse.

Counseling can help by giving you a private and caring space in which to talk about your stress with a professional who can provide a fresh perspective, new ideas, and support.


Suffering from anxiety and/or panic can be exhausting, upsetting, and affects many areas of a person's life. The good news is that these are both problems which can be treated effectively in counseling.

We use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques as well as compassion and targeted interventions to address individual needs. Through a dynamic and collaborative approach, we will work together to identify areas for improvement, and effective strategies to help you gain freedom from anxiety/panic.

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There is a unique understanding that comes from having "been there/done that" and survived to tell the tale. I (Candice Smith, LPC) have been in a stepmom role for more than 18 years and I have learned a lot along the way. I have 3 stepkids and 2 biological children, and I understand from a very personal perspective the challenges that blended families face on a daily basis.

In therapy, I use my personal experiences combined with my clinical education and expertise to help clients find understanding, empathy, and solutions that work for their families. I typically work with adults - stepmoms and dads - as the parents are the primary agents for change within a family unit. Call the office to discuss your particular situation and  concerns.


Teens today face struggles that are difficult for parents to understand. Technology, changing social dynamics, and high expectations can all play a role in the emotional distress experienced by teens. 

In working with teens,  it is clear that these stressors can negatively impact our young people and our therapists work with clients to identify the core issues and formulate a plan to tackle the problems.

We provide a safe place for teens to feel seen, heard, and understood while collaborating with parents as appropriate to provide the highest level of care.

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If you are looking to make major changes in your life but feel uncertain about your direction, or method, or steps to take, we can assist you with personality assessments, values inventories or goal setting.

If you find that you can get started on self development goals but have difficulty staying consistent, we can help.

We absolutely LOVE working with individuals who thrive with the help of a trusted, neutral, personal cheerleader!

Let's chat about the areas in your life you would like to improve and develop a plan to get you there.


Older adults face a unique set of challenges which affect daily living, overall life satisfaction, and emotional well-being. Chronic illness, reduced physical capabilities, as well as life transitions affect people in unexpected ways.

Many older adults experience anxiety, depression, and adjustment problems as a result of these life changes and many seniors benefit from counseling to talk about these feelings.

Likewise, caregivers of older adults have challenges that affect their mental health and well-being. As a caregiver, you may struggle with the role reversal of caring for your loved one, especially when your loved one is resistant to your help. You may suffer from anxiety and depression as you try to care for your loved one while juggling your own family, career, and personal needs.


Let us provide support and compassion for you - the older adult, or the caregiver.

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